Episode 5: Comedian Marko Vucetic


Episode 5:

Comedian Marko Vucetic


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The hilarious and kind Marko Vucetic joins me on the podcast.  Marco is a comedian who is also a refugee from Yugoslavia (which no longer exists).  We discuss his immigrating to America, becoming addicted to video games in college, his experiences in therapy, and why he left a job at Microsoft for pursuing stand-up comedy.  

Follow Marko on Instagram: @Mark0vu

Twitter: @Mark0v0

And a special thank you to the band, Britt Thomas and the Breaker Boys for allowing me to use their song Lost My Mind as the No Normal Podcast theme song!  Check them out on Spotify!

Episode 4: Sergio Garcia


Episode 4:

Sergio Garcia: Seattle City Council District 6 Candidate



Sergio Garcia is running for Seattle City Counsel. When he is not campaigning and at local events, you can find him working as a Seattle police officer who many in the area have come to love and respect. Sergio brings his humor, warmth, realness, and ideas to this podcast where we discuss several topics like: Seattle homelessness, property theft/crime, local services, work/life balance as a police officer, Game of Thrones (no spoilers!), and working within imperfect systems and possible ways to improve them for everyone.

If you want to support Sergio here are ways to get in touch with him and his campaign!

Instagram: @sergioforseattle

Episode 3: Comedian Maddie Downes


Episode 3:

Comedian Maddie Downes: Crappy Super Powers Save the Day



Cowabunga dudes! It's Maddie Downes! Maddie is a comedian from Seattle who recently made the move to LA to pursue writing and comedy. We talk about her experiences in couples therapy before getting engaged, codependency and fear of rejection, being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, and how these "S##tty Superpowers" influence and inform her comedy. Check out her show Northern Belles at the link below!

We also take the Reddit listeners who sent in their dreams for a new segment of the podcast "Comedians Interpret Your Dreams." If you want your dreams to be possibly be interpreted by comedians on the podcast send them to me using the website link below on the contact me page, or send a message to my Reddit Username /u/Screensonsubmarines.

Follow Maddie on Instagram @Maddiedown

Check out her show Northern Belles here: www.northernbellesseries.com/

Episode 2: Sammie Gorham


Episode 2

Sammie Gorham: Opera is NOT Musical Theater



Get deep, mystical, moving, and silly with Sammie Gorham and me. Sammie is a trained opera singer, and she started the Seattle Modern Opera Company. We talk about her experiences with hypnotherapy, past lives, sensory deprivation, and the messages we can take from these experiences and implement them into our daily lives.

We also discuss her opera company's upcoming show: Romance in America, which you should go see this March 2nd, 3rd, 8th and 10th here in Seattle, WA! Sammie is trying to bring opera into the modern age making it affordable, fun, and meaningful for people who want to experience opera without breaking the bank or sitting through 4 hours of French songs.

You can check out Seattle Modern Opera Company here: www.seattlemodernoperacompany.com/ & www.facebook.com/SeattleModernOperaCompany/

This episode contains strong language and may not be suitable for children.

Episode 1: Elizabeth Cunningham


Episode 1:

Elizabeth Cunningham: Netflix is Not an Ethical Slut



Elizabeth Cunningham is a Seattle life coach, yoga instructor, furniture maker, and probably the kindest person you'll ever meet. We talk about her personal and professional experiences with polyamory and open relationships, and I get to ask all the dumb questions I want. Topics like dating, jealousy, personality types, struggles, judgement, agreements/boundaries, and more are discussed.

If you're looking for relationship and life coaching around your polyamory/open relationship, you can contact Elizabeth on Facebook at www.facebook.com/coachcunningham or yoga classes at www.kulamovement.com/elizabeth-cunningham

Notice: The No Normal Podcast is not an alternative or replacement to mental health treatment. If you are experiencing mental health distress please seek treatment with a licensed therapist, psychiatrist, or doctor. The No Normal Podcast is uncensored and may contain strong language.