Episode 3: Comedian Maddie Downes


Episode 3:

Comedian Maddie Downes: Crappy Super Powers Save the Day



Cowabunga dudes! It's Maddie Downes! Maddie is a comedian from Seattle who recently made the move to LA to pursue writing and comedy. We talk about her experiences in couples therapy before getting engaged, codependency and fear of rejection, being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, and how these "S##tty Superpowers" influence and inform her comedy. Check out her show Northern Belles at the link below!

We also take the Reddit listeners who sent in their dreams for a new segment of the podcast "Comedians Interpret Your Dreams." If you want your dreams to be possibly be interpreted by comedians on the podcast send them to me using the website link below on the contact me page, or send a message to my Reddit Username /u/Screensonsubmarines.

Follow Maddie on Instagram @Maddiedown

Check out her show Northern Belles here: www.northernbellesseries.com/