Episode 9: Comedian Chelsea Tolle


Episode 9

Comedian Chelsea Tolle

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No Normal Podcast is back from a Summer hiatus! 

We're kicking off Autumn with a great episode and a lot of great guests coming up.

Today comedian Chelsea Tolle is on the couch.  Chelsea made a big splash in the Seattle comedy scene by being incredibly funny and also incredibly open about her life experiences on stage.  She recently auditioned for the Seattle International Comedy Competition, and she acted in a film called Subfertu (trailer link below), so let's wish her all the best.  We discuss her history of struggling with an eating disorder, and how she lied to her treatment team to go to stand-up comedy for the first time.  We also discuss how she wants to be (and is succeeding in) being an inspirational person for her fans in the audience during her performances.  If you want to laugh, feel, and be inspired, go see Chelsea Tolle live!  Enjoy!