Episode 10: Comedian Lucy Tollefson


Episode 10

Comedian Lucy Tollefson

Anchor (Links to Podcast Platforms): https://anchor.fm/nonormalpodcast/episodes/10-Comedian-Lucy-Tollefson-e5kf9e/a-ao7n15

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/3vXtqSzzlpZG1yixrWzATA

The very funny and very thoughtful comedian Lucy Tollefson joins us on the couch.  We talk about baseball, hosting and producing local shows, how things can be complicated when dating a fellow comic in the local scene, using weed to help with anxiety and comedy, and her bits about depression and anxiety.  Lucy also has some very insightful words of wisdom for you in here as well! 

You can find Lucy Tollefson hosting/producing shows all over the Seattle area.  Check out Sacrificial Tofu at the Americana in Capital Hill, Seattle, as well as Comedyshow.exe.