Now Screening and Accepting New Members for Upcoming Adolescent and Adult (18+) Groups

Next Adolescent (12-17) Group Begins: Thursday September 12 @ 7:00PM - 8:30PM. Maximum 5 Group Members

Next Adult (18+) Group Begins: Wednesday September 11 @ 5:30PM - 7:00PM. Maximum 5 Group Members

This is a 10 Week Process Group for individuals who may struggle with compulsive video gaming or video game addiction. People who spend a lot of time gaming often experience depression, anxiety, loneliness, and social isolation. One of this group’s intentions is to invite you to be face-to-face with others who wish to share their story and understand how and why gaming became a way of coping with life’s stress, sadness, and uncertainties. In this group, we will talk about what you wish to change personally, as well as in relationships with others, work, school, family. The idea of a Skill Tree in RPG games is you choose what to spend your experience points on. What do you think is helpful, and what do you feel needs to change and grow?

If this sounds interesting to you, and you want to know more information or schedule a free 30 minute meeting at my office to see if this group is right for you, please message me or call me using the CONTACT page link below. Even if you feel that you do not identify as someone who is addicted to video games, but gaming is an important part of your life and you wish to be a part of the group, please contact me.

Thank you, and I look forward to us meeting!

Alan Tokosch


Alan at E3 2019

I had the wonderful opportunity to work at E3 2019 in Los Angeles this past June in the AFK room operated by Take This.